Perfect Fun Facts about Giraffes for Kids

Giraffes are famous because of their height. They are dubbed to be the tallest specie to ever grace the land. They are easily recognized because of their distinctive necks. They have the ability to reach heights that may be measured to around two meters. There are still other fun facts about giraffes, that many, most especially kids, would enjoy. What are these?

Features, Habitat and Nature of Giraffes

The weight of giraffes may differ on their gender. For instance, a male giraffe can actually weigh like that of a pickup truck. This may be around 1400 kilometers in number. When it comes to their neck, it resembles that of human neck’s vertebrae. As for the length though, it may reach from 1.5 to a maximum of 1.8 meters. For most of the time, its habitat is situated in the African savannas. They may also be found in open woodlands and grasslands. Their hair is also seen in their tail. It may go unnoticeable but the unique truth is that it may be 10 times thicker than the strand of a human hair. This is how the average is.

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The fur of giraffe is usually covered with different distinctive spots. All of these are recognizable. As a matter of fact, they have the ability to camouflage. This is a way to protect themselves from predators, if there are any. Whenever these giraffes are in front of trees, their dark coloring may blend in the bushes. These are also in the shadows of the sunlight which may be pretty interesting too.

Based on the giraffe’s horns, its gender may be known accordingly. This should not be hard even if both females and males have their own horns. The idea is that females have smaller hair on the top of their head. Mae giraffes on the other hand may have around three additional horns.

By nature, giraffes have always been ruminants. This shows that they are made up of more than a sole stomach. They actually come with four stomachs, to be precise. Their extra stomachs are meant to assist them when it comes to the digestion of their food. Drinking will always be a dangerous time for the said animal. This is the case because when they drink, they are restricted to look out for possible predators. With this in mind, they can be attacked without any sort of defense. This always takes place.

There are instances when giraffes would fight with the presence of their necks. This is how they have been against female giraffes. This is termed as necking. This is when two giraffes stand in their respective sides. A giraffe will swing his head and neck. This is when they hit each other’s head. There are times when they even hit the ground amidst a combat. This is also witnessed.

Female giraffes have a unique way of giving birth. They do this while standing up. This is when the calf would drop and it will happen even if the baby giraffe is like 6 feet from the ground.