Tila Tequila’s Pregnant Photos She Sparked a Lot of Controversies

Tienh Thanh Thi Nguyen, also known as Tila Tequila, has been a very controversial figure. Even before we had the Kardashians, she has already dominated reality TV. Even when Tila Tequila got pregnant, she remained controversial, especially when it comes to the issue of her baby daddy. She was even deemed totally unfit to be a mother. Although she is no longer in the spotlight recently, she will never be forgotten.

Tila Tequila’s Pregnant Photos

Tila Tequila’s life has always been an open book. She didn’t even shy away from the cameras during her pregnancy.

Tila Tequila’s Pregnant Photos

Even as a pregnant woman, she still posed in her bikini. In fact, she has released a lot of pregnant photos and was never embarrassed to do it.

Tila Tequila’s Pregnant Photos

Tila was still looking hot despite being a few weeks in to her pregnancy. She has been very open to the public about her pregnancy.

Tila Tequila’s Pregnant Photos

Tila looked pretty and simple in her white top and pants. She was still gorgeous even as she was getting closer to her due date.

Tila Tequila’s Pregnant Photos

Tila revealed that the father of her baby was dumping her. She even said that it was due to her financial status. She is going broke so he decided to leave.

Tila Tequila’s Pregnant Photos

Tila became a public figure for being controversial. Reality shows might be a huge hit in recent years, but she has been doing it even before it was a thing.

Tila Tequila’s Pregnant Photos

She has always been a controversial figure. She earned the ire of many for dressing up in this Nazi inspired outfit.

Tila Tequila’s Pregnant Photos

She was trying to revive her career by entering the Big Brother house. It was cut short though after her anti-Semitic views were revealed.

Tila Tequila’s Pregnant Photos

A lot of people have accused her of being an unfit mother. However, it seems like she is doing just fine.

Tila Tequila’s Pregnant Photos

Tila’s daughter is growing up and she is doing just fine as a mother. This is not the same with what people expected her to be.

See Courtney Cox’s Plastic Surgery Journey That Made Her the Bombshell She Is Today

Courtney Cox has been in the limelight for more than 2 decades now and we have seen her looks change over the years. Courtney Cox plastic surgery had a lot to say about the way she looks now. She may deny it but the photos don’t lie. From her stint in the hit TV show Friends, we have seen her evolve into a hot 40-something woman.Courtney Cox’s Plastic Surgery

Courtney has been the subject of many speculations regarding her facial features. Some say she had work done on her face that made it look stiff and edgy.

Courtney Cox’s Plastic Surgery

She remains to be a petite woman, with an hourglass figure that is the envy of many. Her body has changed over the years and it may be due to some procedures done in the past.

Courtney Cox’s Plastic Surgery

You will notice that her nose used to be wider. The bridge has also become sharper which also made her eyes look different.

Courtney Cox’s Plastic Surgery

In her younger years she used to have softer facial features but over time her face has drastically changed.

Courtney Cox’s Plastic Surgery

One of Courtney Cox’s plastic surgery goals were her breasts. She started with barely-there breasts and now she proudly flaunts her bigger pair. Implants are most probably the reason.

Courtney Cox’s Plastic Surgery

Her cheekbones look sharp and toned in this photo. It may be because of her makeup and lighting, but it may also be due to some work done on that part of her face.
Courtney Cox’s Plastic Surgery

She rocks a perfect bikini body while on holiday and she cannot deny that the years – and the procedures done – have been good to her.

 Courtney Cox’s Plastic Surgery

This is how she originally looked way before she entered showbiz. She had a fuller face, rounder eyes and overall soft features. Today she looks very sharp and edgy and can barely change her expression.
Courtney Cox’s Plastic Surgery

Botox may be one of the things she had done on her face. When she smiles her face looks strained and unable to stretch further.
Courtney Cox’s Plastic Surgery

Being in Hollywood is hard. You have to maintain an image that everyone will love and will keep you relevant. This is also the reason why many celebrities go under the knife, including Courtney.

Perfect Fun Facts about Giraffes for Kids

Giraffes are famous because of their height. They are dubbed to be the tallest specie to ever grace the land. They are easily recognized because of their distinctive necks. They have the ability to reach heights that may be measured to around two meters. There are still other fun facts about giraffes, that many, most especially kids, would enjoy. What are these?

Features, Habitat and Nature of Giraffes

The weight of giraffes may differ on their gender. For instance, a male giraffe can actually weigh like that of a pickup truck. This may be around 1400 kilometers in number. When it comes to their neck, it resembles that of human neck’s vertebrae. As for the length though, it may reach from 1.5 to a maximum of 1.8 meters. For most of the time, its habitat is situated in the African savannas. They may also be found in open woodlands and grasslands. Their hair is also seen in their tail. It may go unnoticeable but the unique truth is that it may be 10 times thicker than the strand of a human hair. This is how the average is.

07JPGIRA1-master1050.jpg (1050×698)

The fur of giraffe is usually covered with different distinctive spots. All of these are recognizable. As a matter of fact, they have the ability to camouflage. This is a way to protect themselves from predators, if there are any. Whenever these giraffes are in front of trees, their dark coloring may blend in the bushes. These are also in the shadows of the sunlight which may be pretty interesting too.

Based on the giraffe’s horns, its gender may be known accordingly. This should not be hard even if both females and males have their own horns. The idea is that females have smaller hair on the top of their head. Mae giraffes on the other hand may have around three additional horns.

By nature, giraffes have always been ruminants. This shows that they are made up of more than a sole stomach. They actually come with four stomachs, to be precise. Their extra stomachs are meant to assist them when it comes to the digestion of their food. Drinking will always be a dangerous time for the said animal. This is the case because when they drink, they are restricted to look out for possible predators. With this in mind, they can be attacked without any sort of defense. This always takes place.

There are instances when giraffes would fight with the presence of their necks. This is how they have been against female giraffes. This is termed as necking. This is when two giraffes stand in their respective sides. A giraffe will swing his head and neck. This is when they hit each other’s head. There are times when they even hit the ground amidst a combat. This is also witnessed.

Female giraffes have a unique way of giving birth. They do this while standing up. This is when the calf would drop and it will happen even if the baby giraffe is like 6 feet from the ground.

Louis Pasteur Facts – More than just a microbiologist

Louis Pasteur rose to popularity as a French microbiologist and chemist. He pioneered various innovations and discoveries which are relevant in immune system, vaccinations, and even chemistry. He also dwell in researching about diseases that do not have any cure yet. These are always included in most Louis Pasteur facts. Learning about his contributions in Science is made easier this way.

Born on the 27th of December, 1822. He died on September 28, 1895. He was also known for his searches related to the prevention of diseases. This became useful that up until today, it is  being utilized.

There is a process he was able to invent so that food, and other liquid would stop bringing sickness to people. This method is referred to as Pasteurization. This helps a lot in the reduction of the number of most microorganisms that would use the said disease which should not affect the taste and quality of the world of sterilization.

louis-pasteur-13.jpg (900×750)

Most of the experiments of Pasteur was supported by the gem theory of such disease. This helped a lot in making microorganisms show the real cause of the mentioned diseases. In the earlier times, most people believed that such diseases were just being generated spontaneously. Over time, a theory was devised and it proved otherwise. This would not happen if it was not for the work of Pasteur. It became really effective that way.

There were also breakthroughs which were seen around the work of Pasteur. These were all related to the field of chemistry. He was able to discover the there is a molecular basis seen around the asymmetry of various crystals. Some of the discoveries were said to be related and connected to the tartaric nature of acid. He did this with a professor of Chemistry who was then teaching at the University of Strasbourg.

As mentioned above, Pasteur spent his time studying about immune system. This was the episode when a thorough research in vaccination was given attention. This involved chicken cholera. The same was also true for other sort of diseases which was known to exist during that time. This contributed a lot in the production of the very first vaccine. This was intended for rabies. This was even able to save the life of a very young boy way back in the year 1885. He turned out to be the first ever person to receive such a treatment.

A tenfold of his works had been recognized accordingly. His contributions were also given importance for they are perceived to be of great influence. In relation to this, a French order was undertaken to honor him. This was termed the Grand Croix of the Legion of Honor.

He believed that there is no boundaries when it comes to Science. Pasteur said that it is a property of the humankind. He compared it to a torch for it has the ability to illuminate innocence, and the whole world. This was the reason why he was keen to resolving life mysteries.

Discussing Cancer with Children: Honesty from Adults will Ease Fears About Cancer

Whether children need to be told about cancer within their own family or whether parents want to discuss the issue in general, cancer is a topic that should be approached carefully with children.

Tell Children Only What They Want to Know

Adults sometimes have a habit of telling children far more information that the child wants to know. Therefore, tell a child the basics of the situation and ask them if they have any questions. Children will usually ask questions that are much easier to answer than adults think.

Very small children only need to be told that there is a body part that isn’t working correctly. It may help to have a diagram of the body to help facilitate questions with small children. Older children can be told more. They may want to read information on the type of cancer and will want to be an informed of the treatment.

Tell Children about Cancer in Ways they can Understand

In addition to talking with children, it can be helpful to buy them a book that explains cancer in terms which children can understand. One such book named “Nana, What’s Cancer?” written by cancer survivor Beverlye Hyman Fead, is distributed by the American Cancer Society. The ACS also has many helpful resources on their website at Cancer.org.

Discuss Cancer Openly with Children – But Take it One Step at a Time

Don’t treat cancer as a taboo. Be honest with children about what is going on.

creating_a_safe_open_space_is_key_to_talking_to_kids_about_divorce.jpg (849×566)

If the adults in the family can’t deal with it, how can children be expected to deal with it. Create an environment where it is okay for a child to hear the word cancer. It’s important to remember that children take their cues from their parents.

If the person with cancer is in the very early stages, then simply discuss that part of the diagnosis or treatment with the child. For example, say that “Mommy or Daddy may not feel well on Wednesdays after their medicine.” There is no need to tell small children about survival rates or death until those issues are imminent.

Allow Children to Express Feelings in Their Own Way

Small children may prefer drawing a picture to express their feelings. It may be beneficial to have the children draw pictures every day. This is an easy way to gauge how a child is adjusting to the situation.

Other children, especially older ones, may want to help out around the house more to help the ailing person feel better. The adults in the household can assist children by providing age appropriate tasks for the children to do.

Tell Children How Cancer will Impact their lives

Cancer causes many disruptions in family life that will impact children. However, it’s important for parents to minimize the disruptions as much as possible by arranging for assistance from loved ones.

Notify children of these changes in advance so that they will feel more secure. Tell children that Grandma or Grandpa will begin picking them up from school or that Aunt Judy will be preparing dinner for a few months. Alerting children to these small changes in advance helps them deal with bigger changes that may occur later on.

List of Easy Colleges To Get Into In The US

Many young people struggle through high school to maintain a high GPA in the hope of landing a spot in a prestigious college or university.  But not all people will have the ability to conform with the requirements of elite schools.  People who are not endowed with academic skills worthy of consideration for acceptance in prestigious learning institutions have to find easy colleges to get into.

Recently, however, some colleges have started to realize that the standardized tests that are used as a measure of academic prowess may not always reflect the true learning potential of incoming college students.  This has led some colleges to lower the required passing rate for new students, or, in some cases do away entrance testing altogether and just ask for proof of high school completion or GED.

Here is a list of easy colleges to get into in the US today:

Sojourner-Douglas College Maryland (Baltimore, Maryland)

easy colleges to get into

This school only requires a high school diploma or an equivalency certificate for incoming freshmen. For students who are continuing their education, these requirements are not even needed.

Allegany College of Maryland (Cumberland, Maryland)

Another easy colleges to get into being the Allegany College of Maryland. It only requires a high school transcript and a placement test in lieu of standardized testing.

University of Maryland Eastern Shore (Princess Anne, Maryland)

To get into this school, students are only required to bring in their high school diploma or equivalency certificate.

University of Maryland University College (Prince George’s County, Maryland)

easy colleges to get into

UMUC is an online university that is considered as the easiest college to get into, as it only requires a high school diploma for freshmen and a GPA of 2.0 for transfer students.

College of the Holy Cross (Worcester, Massachusetts)

To get into this college, students take an optional admission test. Most of the time, the college accepts incoming students with below average SAT scores, yet 90% of its students are able to obtain degrees.

Mount Holyoke College (South Hadley, Massachusetts)

This school made it to the list of easy colleges to get into. However, it only accepts women to their nature-oriented institution where admission testing is optional.

Bowdoin College (Brunswick, Maine)

This is one college that accepts incoming students with low SAT scores. They  don’t even require the students to take any standardized tests.

George Mason University (Fairfax, Virginia)

easy colleges to get into

Just like the other easy colleges to get into, the George Mason University allows incoming freshmen to opt out of the standardized testing and accepts interested students with low SAT scores.

Sarah-Lawrence College (Bronxville, New York)

This school was one of the first to do away with compulsory entrance testing — making it among the pioneer in the list of easy colleges to get into.

Pitzer College (Claremont, California)

This small college implements a policy that allows for optional admissions testing and accepts entrants with below average SAT scores.

And if the above list does not provide enough choices, here is a list of colleges in different regions of the US which have posted 100% admission rate – an indicator that they are colleges easy to get into:


Boston Architectural College – Boston, Massachusetts

American Public University System – Charles Town, West Virginia

City University of New York, College of Staten Island – Staten Island, New York

City University of New York, Medgar Evers College – Brooklyn, New York


Academy of Art University – San Francisco, California


Daytona State College – Daytona, Florida

Fisk University – Nashville, Tennessee


Baker College of Flint – Flint Michigan

Chancellor University – Cleveland Ohio


College of St. Thomas More – Fort Worth, Texas

Did we miss any easy colleges to get into with this list? 

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